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February 25th, 2019

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Social Media | Online Reputation Marketing

Consumer Reviews | Online Reputation Marketing

Best Tool For Online Reputation Marketing

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Online reputation marketing has been a rising industry over the past decade as we slowly drift away from traditional public relations methods. But have you ever stopped to think about online reputation marketing? Reputation marketing has shaped the way businesses and individuals utilize a combination of online reputation management as well as brand marketing.


Reputation marketing works to show your potential customers you are the right choice for them. This is done through email campaigns with high-quality content, weekly campaigns with new insights from recent customers, and much more.


In 2019, consumers want to be reassured that the brand or company they purchase through is a reputable and trustworthy option. The typically buying behavior of an individual this year consists of reading online reviews, case studies, and testimonials from previous clients.


Furthermore, potential customers are likely to research your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Consumers do this to get a better understanding of who you are. Why they should select you when compared to your competition?


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Impacts of Online Reputation Marketing For Businesses

In this digital era, consumers are more likely to trust online reviews more than a personal reference from a family member or close friend. What does this mean for you as a business owner?


The answer is quite simple in theory, you need to be generating as many positive reviews online as possible. This recent phenomenon in regards to “social proof” is real and let us explain why…


When you are mindlessly scrolling through social media what attracts you the most (apart from your family/friends)? The answer is most likely viral videos, cool products or video testimonials about a specific page or company you follow. Social proof is where a reader or viewer is more likely to engage with your content online after seeing 1,000 likes on Facebook or Instagram.


This is an easy sign to that user that you are reputable and other people like what you are doing.


Social Media | Online Reputation Marketing

Nowadays everyone is on Facebook, with over 2.27 billion monthly active users it is safe to say that if your business does not have a page you are way behind.


The best thing about social media for businesses is that you do not have to wait for them to find out about your company elsewhere. You can simply add engagement ads to showcase your products or services to everyone based on their interests and behavior.


If you are a small startup and looking to gain traction online in the form of online reputation marketing the best option would be Facebook Ads. We understand this may sound overwhelming and difficult to do but there are countless videos on Youtube (like the one below) where experienced marketers will walk you through every step of the way.

By posting and promoting a single video each week not only can you convert more clients but you will start creating buzz around today.


Creating a sales funnel on applications such as Facebook makes finding high-end prospects easier. You simply promote one video and then release another a few weeks later that is only viewable for those who watched half of the first video. You continue this process two or three more times until you have a well-defined audience you can begin to pitch your products or services directly to.


Digital marketing is expanding, traditional marketing techniques such as email and mail are not as effective as they once were. Online reputation management and marketing strategies are helping to grow businesses online with the use of social networks alone. There are many outlets at your disposal to improve how your customers find and perceive you online.


For starters, you could work with a digital marketing agency to revamp your outbound efforts on obtaining new customers or traffic to your website/business. The next option is to work with an online reputation management company such as NetReputation to improve, manage, update, and monitor your search results to ensure nothing but stellar Google results.

Consumer Reviews | Online Reputation Marketing

How do you find out where the best restaurants are in a town you are visiting on a trip? What product do you buy on Amazon when they show you hundreds of options?


The answer for most is likely to be the option with the highest amount of reviews. Plus consumer review sites such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau and TripAdvisor show on the first page of Google to assist further in your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.


That’s right, sites like Yelp and Amazon are known for showcases the reviews on each option given in order to let the consumer decide what is best for them. If you are like me, you sort the results for the highest review (maybe the price is next) and you are prompted with the most reputable options. This is online reputation management and internet marketing at its finest.


Consumers tend to complain about a good or service more often than not. Therefore, generating positive reviews is no easy task. Those who curate the most positive reviews on their brand is likely to win prospect over those who lack positive reviews or even worse have negative reviews!


Many companies today will incentivize their recent buyers with surveys for gift cards or other promotional pieces of content. These companies do this because you have to provide something of value in return for a positive review or you are likely to never receive them. Or if you do it is one or two each month which can take forever to grow!


If you are just starting out your journey now for a powerful online reputation marketing campaign we highly suggest that you focus heavily on online reviews.

Best Tool For Online Reputation Marketing

There are countless tools online that make marketing your business or brand much easier. This saves you the time of reading everything we would suggest you implement for your online reputation marketing campaign, here are the top recommendations we use on a daily basis to not only track our brand online but to promote and publish as much content as possible.

Google Alerts

Looking for a way to track your brand in real-time? By creating a Google Alerts account you are able to effectively track any given word on the internet.


For example, let’s see you are a small flower shop in Sarasota Florida. You want to make sure you are up-to-date on the most trending, current events in your area.


By including the keywords “flower shop Sarasota” or “Sarasota flowers” you will be sent email notifications anytime a new publication is published online. This is the easiest way to not only track your industry without wasting any of your own time. You can also keep a close eye on your competition. See how you can improve your own business along the way.


One of the most notable management services (especially for social media) would be HootSuite. This is essentially a content creation calendar your team can utilize. So you never forget to post on your social media ever again.


Instead of wasting 10-15 minutes per day coming up with ideas and finding relevant photos to share. You can do this within a timeframe of about 1 hour and plan your posts for the entire month!


Hootsuite allows you to integrate your social media profiles to your calendar. This way you can schedule the exact minute that piece of content is going to go live. On sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other profiles of your choosing.


Magisto is an easy to use template based video editor. For a fee, this application will provide you with “viral” video clips. Whereas you can paste together with captions to post on Instagram or Facebook.


Ever wonder how some companies have the time to create these masterpieces? Well they don’t, most videos can be created in about 5-minutes.


Lastly, this is a great tool and one of the best ways to improve your marketing efforts. If you create videos currently that are not deemed “as professional”.

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